With the public holiday looming on Tuesday, 90% of South Africans taking the day off tomorrow for an extended long weekend, and knowing the bf is having fun with friends tonight, I’m anticipating a bit of Sunday Night Blues.

I’ve always been feeling that I’ve been neglecting my yoga practice the last few days in favour of the Blogilates Pop Pilates workouts.

It’s funny how the Universe works though. With all these feelings circulating, it’s as if Adriene’s Yoga for the Winter Blues video was served up to me. With perfect timing. I’m still experimenting with other YouTube yoga teachers but every teacher seems to reinforce how much more I can relate to Adriene, and how much I do come to miss her quirkiness when I haven’t practiced with one of her videos in a while.

So, whether you’re doing this on a Sunday night or one a cold Wintery day, I hope you find home with today’s practice as much as I have.

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