Wild Thing yoga studio sits in the shadow of Lion’s Head, on the 3rd floor of The Point mall in Sea Point.

I’ve always been hesitant to practice the yoga asanas in a heated room, because I’ve never been a fan of sweating. I have an obsessive compulsion to wick away even the tiniest of droplets as soon as they push through my pores. But, the whole point of visiting the various yoga studios in and around Cape Town is to break out of my at-home practice comfort zone. So why not break out of another comfort zone right?

Because I’d never done yoga in a heated class before, I tried the non-heated Vinyasa class as my first introduction to Wild Thing with Kristen Thompson. A heated class had already taken place 15 minutes before we began, so the room was still pretty hot and I got a taste of what to expect later that week. But luckily it cooled down as Kristen lead the class through an easy-to-follow flow that kept building on each asana. If you’re a complete newbie to yoga, Kristen does a really great job of explaining how to get into certain positions, and because it was a mixed class, even the experienced yogis were catered for with variations to take their practice further.

The second class at Wild Thing I attended was the Flow So Hot with co-founder Dominique Vieira. I’m not sure what I was expecting but I was fully prepared to be cooked during my very first hot yoga session. And I was pleasantly surprised! Yes, it was hot, but it was definitely manageable. Dom catered for all levels as well, offering a great balance of challenging poses leading into restorative moments, bringing us back to our breath.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the Wild Thing studio uses infrared heaters, which stimulates the flow of blood through the body and creates a detoxifying sweat. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting though, but I seriously doubt any yoga studio uses the standard wall panel heaters found in every day homes (face palm)!

My third class was the Sunday “cool down” class, Hot Vinyasa with Naomi Marshak. I found myself back in the heated studio, but this Sunday morning flow was definitely more chilled than the Flow So Hot class. Naomi encouraged us all to focus on our own practice, and do only what you want to in the moment, but also found ways to inspire the class to try new variations and push your practice just a little further.

I’m a new convert to heated yoga sessions now. My sweat-wicking compulsion does still rear its head on occasion, but it’s not as bad as I expected it to be. The post-savasana glow is definitely worth it though!

WEBSITE: http://wildthingmoves.co.za/

Schedule can be found on the website.

Standard rates

  • Drop in: R150
  • 10 Class Pass: R900
  • Monthly Unlimited: R800
  • 6 Month Unlimited: R4,200
  • 1 Year Unlimited: R8,200
  • Traveling Yogi: R400

Students rates

  • Drop in: R120
  • 10 Class Pass: R700
  • Monthly Unlimited: R650

The great news is you can find Wild Thing on The Entertainer, with a complementary Drop-In Yoga Class offer (buy 1, get 1 free). And even more great news, if you’re a local from Cape Town you get the first WEEK of access to the studio free.

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