There’s nothing more frustrating than constantly tugging and pulling and shifting your clothing while you’re in the middle of a great workout. And a spinning workout is no different. It could even be dangerous – I’ve had a shoe lace get caught in the fly wheel before, not pleasant!

So, what should you wear to spin class? Keep reading and I’ll tell you…

You’re going to sweat. A lot. Make sure you’re wearing something that’s breathable but also keeps moisture away from your skin. If your clothes are too tight, you won’t enjoy the ride. Sweat-wicking (don’t you just love that word!) tank tops are ideal for spin class.

Just because spinning is low impact, ladies, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear a sports bra. The bra will help keep “dem other ladies up top” stabilized and uses fabric specially designed for sweaty sessions. Why not wear something that boosts your confidence too? I’m thinking neon pink…

Down below, flowy or loose pants will not only get in your way, they’ll also get in the bike’s way – and no one wants their pants caught in the bike and potentially ripped off while you’re getting your spin on in the front row! Find leggings that are either short or 3/4 in length. You can try full-length tights, but I guarantee you things will get more than a little heated. When fitting leggings or tights, make sure you can bend and sit comfortably in them. The waist shouldn’t ride down or up and the elastic edge around the leg at the bottom shouldn’t be too tight – you don’t want it to cut off blood circulation to your muscles.

If you’re worried about saddle soreness, try leggings that have a single, seamless insert stitched into the crotch area. And if you prefer a shorts, make sure you pick one that doesn’t ride up during class.

Spin shoes that clip into your bike are optional. You don’t need specially made/bought shoes, your trainers will work just fine. But, from my experience, make sure your laces are tied and are out of the way. You don’t want them getting caught on anything. If you do want to splash out on shoes though, make sure they can clip into the bike you’re using. Spinning shoes help engage your muscles better and make the more difficult pedal strokes easier.

Although this is not strictly something that you wear, don’t forget to bring along your water bottle! Because you’ll be sweating (a lot – did I mention that?) and cranking up your heart rate, you have to stay hydrated. So always always always keep your water bottle handy.

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