Adriene Mishler is back with a new 30 day yoga journey.

It’s no secret that I’m a huuuuge fan of Adriene Mishler’s, Yoga with Adriene channel on YouTube. I’ve been following her videos and practicing with her for the last three years or so. And I absolutely love her! She’s kinda goofy but she’s all about the self-care and self-love.

Sure I have moments where I need to take a physically challenging yoga class, but I always return to Adriene’s easy style of making sure that we aren’t simply pushing ourselves into the asana postures, but also thinking about practicing true yoga in the sense of clearing out and looking deeper into our mind and spirit.

I’m so glad that she’s released a 30-day yoga programme again this year! I think it’s becoming a ritual for her to take all her followers, new and old, on a journey for 30 days of consistent yoga practice. I did the Revolution: 31 Days of Yoga practice last year as well as Yoga Camp in 2016 (that’s where I started).

This year, we’ve got the TRUE: 30 Day Yoga Journey!

The description on Adriene’s YouTube channel: “An uncovering, a reveal, a restoration. A transformation, a blossoming, a forgiveness. A commitment, a celebration, a union. A practice, a wave catching party. Global. You in? Designed to trim, tone, and circle you back to – you. The true you. The truest. Mind, body and soul. Establish a connection to your deeper and unique self while shifting your body to optimal health! This fresh new 30 Day Yoga Journey is the ultimate at home yoga package for all bodies and types. It’s 100% made with love and it’s 100% free. Set the tone for the new year by committing to 30 Days of showing up on your yoga mat. It’s the promise of tone muscles and inner peace. Self love through asana and reflection. #YWATRUE ”

This fresh new 30 Day Yoga Journey is the ultimate at home yoga package for all bodies and types. Click To Tweet

If you sign up on the website, you’ll receive daily love letters from Adriene, going a little deeper into the practice for the day. I’m not a consistent, daily practitioner, but I do try to work through her videos as often as I can. They’re a great way to start my weekday mornings because they help me clear my mind and stretch my body before the working day really begins. So, don’t feel bad if you can’t practice every single day. The videos will live on her YouTube channel indefinitely.

I can’t sign Adriene’s praises enough, and once you start practicing with her, you’ll understand why. She’s a gentle, loving soul with quirks and kinks that are truly adorable because she’s simply being true to herself. So come one, give her 30 day yoga journey a try!

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