This week I was pretty lax and didn’t get any workouts done. In winter it’s always a struggle getting up 3 hours before the sun rises, in the freezing cold and getting on the bike. Sadly, I wasn’t particularly inspired this week even though I had wanted to complete more of Jamie Morton’s spinning workouts.

But this morning, after a little bit of a lie-in, I hopped back on the bike and tackled one of the spinning workouts – #26.

Now while Jamie was the one who inspired me more than a year ago to get a spinning bike, I found some of her workouts not quite as enjoyable as I would’ve liked. So her podcasts actually inspired me to create my own playlists and spin mixes.

Spinning Workout #26 is a particularly tough slow burn, but I found pedalling to the BPM of some of the songs either too slow or too fast. But hey, that’s just my personal opinion. And of course it’ll be different for everyone.

So, give it a try and let me know what you think. In the meantime, I’m going to start working on new Spin Mixes for next week.

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