This morning we’re back to the 50|50 playlist (i.e.) not knowing what we’re going to get. The intro sounded promising when I first read and judging by the cover image, we’re definitely in for a rock mix.

1. AVICII WMU warmup
2. MYM stay seated with the resistance at 3, spin it out quick to Pearl Jam
3. 10,000 F seated climb
4. T get up out the saddle for a standing climb, crank the resistance all the way up. Halfway through, if you still have some tension left on the bike, turn it up even more
5. CWIG have a seat, let off the resistance to about a 5 for a seated climb
6. RL turn the resistance down to about a 3 and spin it out
7. Skip
8. 300 VO standing chase, add on as much resistance as you need to prevent yourself from bounce about
9. Skip
10. IGAF cooldown

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