We’re getting the week started a little late on a Wednesday morning, but hey, Monday mornings aren’t always the easiest to get out of bed, especially during Winter!

I love the playlist name, because yes, it aint going to tone itself. So, we’ve got some catching up to do, let’s work…

1. Black Skinhead Yeezus – warm up
2. To U – standing jog (click the resistance up to 5)
3. Pursuit of Happiness – race (this is a long one that will test your stamina)
4. Come and Get It – seated climb (start the resistance at 5, after 1 minute, click it up to a 6, after another minute get up out the saddle for a standing climb)
5. Power – standing climb (stay exactly where you were from the previous track)
6. Get Low – free spin
7. Angels – interval sprints (20” sprints alternated with 20” of active recovery)
8. Ballin – cool down

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