The gentle and soothing cueing of Tegan B Yoga will help anyone forgive themselves for not getting out the house and into a public yoga class.

As you probably guessed, I didn’t get out the house as much as I would’ve liked this month, but I found really great online at-home yoga audio classes. It’s no secret that I’m a YouTube yogi, as I first started practicing yoga in my spare bedroom. I fell in love with the practice because it was my own. No prying eyes, no judgements, and especially, no comparisons. I could figure out this thing called yoga while just being me, whether I could touch my toes or not.

I am by no means blaming anyone or any teacher or any studio, because it’s not them, it really is me. I’ve found that in public classes I need to constantly bring my mind back to my breath and away from comparing myself to what’s happening on the mat next to me or in front of me or behind me. But practicing with YouTube videos still meant I had to watch someone else – and there’s always room for comparing yourself with the teacher.

Tegan Burger’s audio classes took that temptation away from me completely! And I absolutely loved it!! Her gently cueing didn’t leave me confused at all, and I found myself flowing along easily and confidently. I don’t recommend the audio class for absolutely beginners though, as you do need some knowledge of the asanas – Tegan doesn’t explain where your footing and hands/body should be with each movement. She does, however, compliment the Sanskrit asana names with their English counterparts, so if you’ve been doing yoga for a little while and know the basic postures you’ll really enjoy the sequencing.

There are no rates as the Tegan B Yoga classes are absolutely free, and you can take them anywhere you want. But if you enjoy the audio classes and would like to practice with Tegan in person, you can. Tegan teaches yoga privately and group classes at Living Yoga in Johannesburg, and also offers private classes in the comfort of your own home or at her home studio in Morningside.


  • Five private sessions: R2500 (good for 1x a week for a month​)
  • Ten private sessions: R4500 (good for 2x a week for a month)
  • One-hour private session: R500
  • 75-minute private session: R550

I’ll keep coming back to these audio classes, I just hope more are added over time.

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