Happy Tuesday spinners! Yesterday we had a pretty laid back start to the week, but today we’re kicking it up a notch.

With 8tracks.com you never know what you’re going to get because you can’t see the track listing for any playlist. So I was quite surprised to have found a playlist I really enjoyed… well until my data connection freaked out and I got kicked off the playlist near the end L Also, you may notice that the names of the tracks are not what you’re listening to. When I went back to listen to the playlist again, everything was jumbled. But here’s my routine…

1. Warm up. Set the resistance 3, where you can just barely feel the bike working against you. Check in with your body.

2. Pick up the speed and spin it out.

3. Stay seated but turn the resistance up into a seated climb. Maintain the pace.


4. Turn the resistance way up and get up out the saddle for a standing climb.


Uphills always kill me, so grab a towel and a drink of water.


5. Stay out of the saddle but slow down and catch your breath. Half way, sit down and keep the resistance where it’s at.


6. At the beginning add 3 set of jumps, and then another 3 sets when you hit the half way mark. Otherwise keep on pedalling through the track.


7. This was pretty much where I got kicked out, but if are still on the same playlist go for a free spin – choose whichever resistance you like but try to keep the pace fairly quick, it’s not a cool down.

8. Whatever you’re listening to, cool down and then stretch.

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