We’re almost at the end of our 30 Days of Yoga challenge 🙁 But I’m glad Adriene took things easy today as I underestimated yesterday’s 12-minute athlete workout.

My inner thighs are so stiff that even the gentle stretches were a bit too much to hold for too long. That said, I practiced the tricksy crow pose again and I found I could hold it longer than before!! (What’s a split second longer than a split second? Two split seconds? :D) And I’ve FINALLY figured out what’s the most comfy position for my legs.

Before my knees used to painfully dig into my arms, but I’ve found the resting my shins on my arms is much better. That way my knees hike up higher into my armpits and when I tip forward it’s easier to balance and my feet actually want to lift off the ground. That’s never happened before, so progress!

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