So I went a little crazy with the pizza and chicken wings last night (oops), and needed to sweat all of the carbs and sugar out of my body. And the result? A bonus spinning session. Tadaaa!

Yes, it’s the weekend. Get up and get on that bike!

1. Do It Like a Dude – warm up
2. The Black Canvas – standing climb (click the resistance up to 7 and get up out of that saddle)
3. Follow the Beat – seated jog (have a seat, click the resistance down to 4; halfway through, click it up to 5)
4. I Know – interval sprints (20” sprints alternating with 20” active recovery)
5. Dum Dee Dum – standing job (click the resistance up to 5, get up out of the saddle and keep up with the BPM)
6. Black Skinhead – free spin
7. Remember the Name – seated jog/climb (click the resistance up to 5; halfway through click it up to 6)
8. Bombs Over Baghdad – free spin
9. I’d Love to Change the World – cool down

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