I woke up this morning to a spasm in one of my calf muscles. And that signalled one thing, that I wasn’t stretching enough. So I decided to forego the daily spinning session in favour of a 45-minute yoga practice.

I used the Pocket Yoga app by Rainfrog and did the 45-minute Desert practice for Beginners. Previously I started on the 30-minute practice, but after this morning’s session, I’m definitely ready to step it up to an Intermediate level.

My muscles are feeling much better, and I highly recommend the app.

Some days you need to do what feels good and what is best for your body. Not what is on your calendar for the day. So whether it’s swapping out cardio training for yoga stretches or taking a rest day and jut being in your body without pushing it to its limits, only you will be able to take proper care of you.

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