I’m out of my natural habitat this weekend, and staying in Mosselbay. I’m learning to bring my yoga mat along with on trips, so I can fully develop a daily practice and not just a weekday one.

But because I’m out of my element, I haven’t been able to hop onto YouTube for another video. Luckily my phone is never far from me, and I’ve whipped out Pocket Yoga!

Today’s practice is the 30-minute Mountain session, and boy are my arms feeling it right now. According to the app: “Mountain is a power based practice that strengthens the body and the mind by instilling a sense of self-discipline, staying power and one pointed concentration. In the Mountain practice we move slowly with less vinyasa flow between postures. In addition, we hold our poses significantly longer, do more arm balances as well as other strength building postures.

Have fun!

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