After all these years, spinning has proven that it’s no longer a fad. Here’s how spinning can seriously help you melt fat away.

Spinning burst onto the fitness scene in the 90s in chilly rooms lit with neon signs and loud EDM soundtracks. And almost immediately it was knocked as a fad. But years later, almost every gym now has a spinning class on its roster.

The great thing about spinning is that it helps melt fat. Some exercises aren’t as effective at helping you lose weight because they’re repetitive and your body gets used to the unvaried intensity. Treadmill running may offer the ability to shake things up with speed and endurance runs, but it’s also high impact. All the other aerobic machines are pretty monotonous though. And to really melt fat, you need to diversity.

Intense aerobics

One spinning class can burn between 500 and 700 calories. Spinning is an intense aerobic exercise because you don’t really stop, your legs keep pushing and turning those pedals over, your lower body keeps moving. Spinning also burns calories after you’ve dismounted from the bike as it’s a form of a HIIT workout. The intervals will depend on your instructor though, but there will absolutely be varying speeds and resistance intensities.

Muscle tone

Spinning also helps melt fat by turning it into muscle. Now don’t panic, you won’t bulk up or get bulky thighs. That’s just a myth. But spinning can help improve tone in your lower body and work your core. I do recommend a good weight training program, though, as something extra if you’re looking for better muscle tone. Keep in mind that while spinning can melt fat, it can also melt lean muscle too. So, again, variety is the key.

Like with anything in life, spinning is not a quick fix. You get out what you put in. And weight loss is a journey. But if you stick with it, spinning can help you melt fat.

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