This week we’re continuing with the set of spinning playlists by YYC Cycle, and still in no particular order other than the mood I wake up in 🙂 The intro says that this mix is compiled with their favourite spin tracks, and I quite liked it. Some of the tracks are labelled with the usage guidelines,  Just wish I knew the words to more of the songs so I could sing along.

1. FRR warmup; it’s a good time to check up on your posture, check up on your breathing, check up on your body – heels down, back straight, chest up
2. SAR get up out the saddle for an easy standing climb/warmup
3. IAM stay standing but click the resistance up; it’s a steep climb
4. B click the resistance down to a 3 or 4, and sit down for a jog; match the BPM of Blue Foundation’s track
5. WLS race; it’s supposed to be a weighted spin, but we just did one in the earlier track, so let’s rather keep pace with Madonna
6. WAN stay in the saddle but click the resistance up to a 5 or 6, this is the weighted spin, and if it helps get into an Arrow position
7. YAI standing climb, so adjust the resistance as needed
8. J race, so sit down and turn the resistance off; if it’s too quick, just do what you can because it’s quite a long track
9. SOYS cool down
10. SI stretch

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