So after a 5-day break, I decided to get back on the bike on the hottest day of the year. Sjoe! But being a fan of Little Dragon and Temper Trap definitely helped me get out of bed and kept me on the bike.

We’re still spinning to YYC Cycle’s mix of spinning playlists, and I’m really enjoying them. But I think it’s time to start putting together my own playlists.

Until then though, here’s todays guide:

1. 2B warmup; check in with your body, heels down, chest up, back flat, slight bend in the elbows, soft wrists
2. 3KK standing warmup, click the resistance up to a mild 4
3. 4RFL race
4. 6WRH seated, weighted ride; stay in the saddle and click the resistance up to about a 6, drop those heels and feel the burn
5. 7SD leave the resistance where it is and get up for a standing climb, hang in there this is a long ride
6. 8WTW sit down, turn the resistance down to a 4 and recover; free spin
7. 9G standing climb; halfway through turn the resistance up a little
8. 10FH race
9. Skip
10. 12DOD cool down

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