We’re nearing the end of the YYC Cycle WECOULDBEHEROEZ spinning playlists  I hope you’ve been enjoying yourself so far, because this is the 2nd last one before we move on next week.
The music is still predominantly EDM, to get the blood pumping, but the type of house music took a bit of a departure from the usual radio mixes. Still enjoyable though…

1. 1UC warmup
2. 2S race 30×30; 30 second race x 30 second easy spin
3. 3GftBD standing climb
4. 4L get back in the seat and keep pace with the music’s BPM; it could be a race for some, for others not so much
5. 5W standing climb, it’s a chase
6. 6WR have a seat, take the resistance off and just spin it out; but don’t let your heart rate drop completely so try to keep pace with the music
7. WO race 45×30; 45 second race x 30 second easy spin
8. 8S cool down

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