Here we are; another day, another YYC Cycle spinning playlist. I didn’t find this playlist particularly inspiring, but it got me out the bed and on the bike and I guess that’s all the inspiration we need right?

1. 2YKYLI warm up
2. 3 MYF race 30×30; use those 30 second intervals for racing and resting alternatively
3. 4IFV standing climb at a quick pace
4. 6OYCMYH seated climb; drop down back into the saddle and click the resistance down to a 6
5. 7STN race; keep up the pace all the way until about 3/4s with the music break and then slow down to the BPM
6. 9WMYY a long, slow and steady standing climb; half way sit down and click the resistance down to 6
7. 11T cool down

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