I found this group of spinning mixes by the guys at YYC Cycle this morning. Now normally when I see something is numbered, I follow it in numerical order. But, hey, I thought I’d live life on the edge and jump straight into #5.

And I’m glad I did! What a fun mix full of races and climbs 🙂 Plus it looks like they work the usage guide into the song titles. You can follow the mix all the way to the end or you can stop where I did.

1. RSMOMW – warmup
2. CFWIW – standing climb, so crank the resistance up; halfway, turn the resistance up even more
3. RS – sit down, click it down to a 3 or 4 so you have enough tension to not flop around on the bike as you hit the beat double time; keep your speed consistent with the changing beat
4. CWG – standing climb
5. WGJWI – have a seat and keep the resistance where it is for a seated climb, but if you still have some tension left on the bike, crank it up so it feels like a weighted peddle; the power needs to come from your legs though and not your body, so don’t rock the bike, drop those heels
6. CC – another standing climb
7. RS – let’s chase that beat!
8. CADIP – cool down

And then of course, stretch.

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