We’re going spinning with the YYC Cycle guys again today, with their fourth playlist. The intro doesn’t lie when it says it’ll get your heart racing and legs spinning with some high intensity intervals and lots of climbs.

If you’re not feeling very energetic and woke up a bit sluggish, this spinning mix will get the blood flowing again.

1. FRFFO warm up
2. CG race
3. HIIT BOB let’s practice some high intensity interval training and keep pace with the beat, click the resistance up to a 4; halfway click the resistance up t0 5
4. CCTM standing climb
5. R3045S race with 30 and 45 second intervals
6. WSH with this weighted spin, stay in the seat but turn the resistance up to a 4 or 5
7. CB standing climb
8. CDH leave the resistance where it is but get back in the saddle for a seated climb, drop those heels and peddle through it
9. R3060HOF race with 30 and 60 second intervals
10. HIITPG stay in the saddle but turn the resistance up to a 5
11. CM cool down

2 thoughts on “Spinlist 4

  1. Hi Jamie, thanks for commenting! The abbreviations are the first letters of the song names. I found that sometimes the order of songs are jumbled in 8tracks, so this just helps you figure out where you are in the listing.

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