We’re taking it back to the beginning with YYC Cyle’s group of spinning playlists called WeCouldBeHeroez. I had another late night last night, so we’re going to be taking it easy with a quick 30-minute spin.

1. CH warmup
2. ROTN race; it’s a long one so dig in
3. WITG weighted race so make sure you’ve got enough resistance to feel the burn but also make sure you’ll get all the way to the end
4. Skip the next 2 tracks automatically skipped when I was listening to it
5. Skip
6. RBJ race
7. HIITDY you can start out by cranking up the resistance in the seat and heading into Arrow position; halfway through get up out the saddle for a standing climb
8. CR stay out of the saddle for a standing climb that’s a continuation of the previous track
9. RS cool down

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