Guess who’s jumping for joy now that Spotify is available in South Africa! And you can grab Spin Mix 39 there now too!!

It’s finally arrived. And I couldn’t be more excited! (Can you tell? With all the exclamations and what not…) I literally jumped around for a minute or two, and then inspiration hit.

The theme for this month’s Spin Mix is… JUMP! Or jumping. Or jumpin’. Or jump around. I couldn’t quite sync up enough jumps into the ride guide, but there’s enough in Spin Mix 39 to keep you busy for 40 minutes 😉

The Spin Mix 39 playlist have been shared on both Apple Music and Spotify. As always, I hope you enjoy this spinning playlist.

Any requests? Drop a comment down below!

Ride guide

1. Jump Around – warm up
2. Jumpman – seated climb
3. Jump 2015 Remastered – standing climb
4. Jumpin’, Jumpin’ – jumps, but stay seated on chorus with the resistance at a 5; the last minute is a free spin
5. Jump (Kris Kross) – flat road in arrow
6. Jump (For My Love) – seated climb for 1 min; sprint downhill for 1 min; standing climb for 1 min; plateau/flat road for 30 seconds to catch your breath; then sprint downhill for remainder of song
7. Jump (Madonna) – free spin
8. Jump (Rihanna) – seated climb for 1 min with resistance at 4; click the resistance up to a 5 for 1 minute; click the resistance up to a 6 for 1 minute; standing climb with the resistance at a 7 for 1 minute; seated climb leaving the resistance 7 till the end
9. The Jump Off – flat road in arrow
10. Jump N’ Shout – quick spin for 2 minutes; free spin for 30 seconds; standing climb till the end
11. Pony (Jump On It) – cool down

If you’re not sure what each of the prompts above mean, then check out ride guide my post on what these terms mean.

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