Inspired by Black Panther’s gqom soundtrack, Spin Mix 38 is all about them rolling hills.

So who hasn’t seen the movie Black Panther?! Don’t worry if you haven’t, though, there are no spoilers in this spin mix. This month’s spinning playlist is all about the gqom music though, with local South African artists leading the pack. (With the exception of that one Fifty Shades track. 🙈) The spin mix also pulls together a few tough climbs and then sprints downhill. As always, I hope you enjoy this spinning playlist.

Any requests? Drop a comment down below!

Ride guide

1. All The Stars – warm up
2. Cross Your Mind – flat road with the resistance at 4 in Arrow position, after 2 minutes sit up in a seated spin
3. Redemption – quick spin with the resistance at 3 match so you can comfortably match the BPM
4. Wololo – standing climb
5. Pakisha – quick spin with the resistance at 3 (we’re headed downhill); at the 2 minute mark start heading uphill in standing climb; then at the 4 minute mark start a seated climb (you may need to click the resistance down a little for this climb in the saddle)
6. Omunye – repeat as above
7. Bazoyenza – start with a seated climb; at the 1 minute mark head into slow but steady jumps (counts of 4); at the 3 minute mark start a standing climb; at the 4 minute mark have a seat, take off the resistance and head downhill
8. Backseat Freestyle – cool down and stretch

If you’re not sure what each of the prompts above mean, then check out ride guide my post on what these terms mean.

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