Are you ready for Spin Mix 37? Get ready for one, big hill!

I’m recovering from a bit of IT band strain this week, so I needed to take it easier than I have lately. After a bit of research and listening to my body, I decided to go ahead with this month’s spinning playlist and monitor how my body felt. I only experience slight discomfort during one of the spinning tracks, and had to skip past it, but felt pretty good doing the others.

IT band syndrome is caused when the ligament (the IT band) running along the outside of the thigh from your hip to your shin is inflamed or tight. This usually happens when running on uneven services (like the road) or running too much too fast. Last month I was guilty of both.

I’ve read that spinning doesn’t necessarily exacerbate IT band strain, but it depends on the injury. You have to get it checked out by a physio and definitely listen to your body. Pushing through the pain or discomfort could lead to an even worse injury. If you want to read more about the syndrome and how you can heal it yourself at home, check out physical therapist Jim Johnson’s book Treat Your Own Iliotibial Band  Syndrome.

But enough about that! This month’s spinning playlist is all about that one hill. We’re going to be headed uphill for most of the playlist so get ready…

Ride guide

1. Don’t Quit – warm up
2. High for Me – flat road, the resistance should be at a 4
3. Dance – race so match the BPM, after 1 minute ease off the pace to catch your breath, then after 30 seconds match the BPM again for another race to the finish
4. Feel It Still – standing climb (we’re at the base of the hill) the resistance should be enough to prevent you from bouncing around on the pedals
5. Glorious – remain standing but click the resistance up a level/gear (the hill just got steeper)
6. Find You – keep the resistance where it is but have a seat for a seated climb
7. Surfin’ – get up out the saddle for a standing climb, click the resistance up another level/gear
8. List of Demands – resistance back at a 6, have a seat and move into arrow position (the hill is tampering off)
9. All That She Wants – we’re finally coming downhill, so match the BPM and click the resistance down to a 3
10. Cool – cool down and stretch

If you’re not sure what each of the prompts above mean, then check out ride guide my post on what these terms mean.

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