Spin Mix 36! It’s the very first spinning workout playlist of the new year – hope you enjoy this everybody!

I’m finding it a bit challenging to find new upbeat music around this time of year, because everyone in the music industry seems to be working with the US seasons. The colder weather for my northern hemisphere peeps means slower music, and it isn’t until the summer comes around closer to June that new up-tempo and motivating music is released. That said, I did find a few gems which I hope you’ll enjoy.

This workout isn’t too heavy on work out of the saddle. There is one big climb, but the rest is work that needs to be down seated.

I over indulged quite a bit of the holiday season so I need to start firming up my muscles again, hence the heavy climbs and quick spins.

Spin Mix #36

1. Filthy – warm up
2. Tribe – match the BPM with the resistance at 3
3. Get Low – keep matching the BPM, resistance at 4
4. Running Wild – heading uphill, standing climb with resistance at 6
5. In the Morning – seated climb, keep the resistance at 6, after 90” standing climb, after 30” back to seated climb
6. Anywhere – standing climb with the resistance cranked to its highest for you, after 120” have a seat and remove the resistance to match the BPM (we’re standing the downhill)
7. Trumpets –match BPM, but halfway increase the resistance so that it feels as if you’re on a flat road
8. Strip That Down – match the BPM with resistance at 3, halfway click the resistance up to 4 for a flat road simulation
9. Finesse (Remix) – keep resistance at 4 and move into arrow position
10. Chunky – cool down

If you’re not sure what each of the prompts above mean, then check out ride guide my post on what these terms mean.

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