And we’re back to the original spinning playlists, with Spin Mix 34!

It’s been a while since I put together an original spinning playlist for you guys. I’ve been taking a look at what SoulCycle and YYC have been doing (let’s call it research) in an attempt to bring you better spinning playlists. But I’ve come to realise that all you really need for a great spin class is great music!

My latest indoor cycling spin mix is a blend of summer and the latest Pop music doing the rounds on radio and the digital streaming charts. So, let’s get on that bike ride! Enjoy!!

1. Por Favor – warm up
2. Too Bad – standing climb, make sure you’ve got enough resistance on your flywheel so you can match the BPM
3. Feels – arrow position (recovery)
4. Mama – seated spin and on the chorus move into jumps
5. Bad Liar – standing climb matching the BPM with enough resistance, on the chorus click the resistance up, and back down to starting on the verse (repeat)
6. Havana – seated spin, resistance at a 4
7. Oui – quick spin
8. Lost In Your Light – standing climb
9. OMG – standing jog (less resistance than a climb so you can pedal faster, but not bouncing all over the place, keep your body as motionless as possible)
10. …Ready For It? – cool down and stretch

If the words above are Greek, check out my post on what these terms mean.

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