By now I really hope you’ve gotten used to and like the new website design! As well as all the extra content that will be coming your way soon.

As part of the website redesign and rethink, I’ll be posting a new spinning playlist every month, so you can look forward to regular, new Spin Mixes. This month, we’ve got Spin Mix #33.

  1. Summer Love – warm up
  2. She Wants to Move – flat road (click the resistance up to about a 4, and match the BPM to maintain the cadence)
  3. Work – we’re going uphill (click the resistance up to a 5, halfway click it up to 6)
  4. Hot Right Now – standing climb (your resistance should be on a 7)
  5. Turn The Music Louder – quick spin (take the resistance down to a 4, have a seat)
  6. Not Letting Go – alternative seated and standing climb (click the resistance up to a 6 or 7, alter between seated and standing after every 60 seconds)
  7. I’m The One – flat road (if you’re not already seated, take one, click the resistance down to 5, halfway click it up to 6 for a small seated climb)
  8. Blow Your Mind – quick spin to match the BPM (click the resistance down to 4)
  9. Burn, Break, Crash – standing climb
  10. Bacon – seated climb
  11. Cake By The Ocean – another quick spin matching the BPM
  12. Kiss Me – cool down

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