A new year, the same old me, but a new Spin Mix!

Happy New Year folks!

Is it too late to say that? I hope not, because I’ve been using it in all my emails (hehehe). Anyhoo, I thought I’d post a new Spin Mix for all those who enjoyed the festive season eats and treats like I did. I’ve also give the blog some though and will be bringing you new kinds of content on a more regular basis. So keep visiting Spinning and Yoga`.

In the meantime, here’s this month’s spinning playlist with lots of ups and downs of them rolling hills.

1. Lean On – warmup
2. Booty – race/sprint
3. Animals – standing climb
4. Closer – flat road
5. Titanium – race
6. 7/11 – standing climb
7. Rockabye – flat road or free spin, depending on how you’re feeling after that last song
8. Where Are U Now – seated climb
9. Uptown Funk – quick spin, not quite a race or sprint
10. Bad Blood – cool down

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