Can you believe this is the last spin mix of 2016? I can’t believe how time has flown! But it looks like I’m only able to give you guys new spinning playlists once a month… or so.

Maybe I’ll do better in 2017. At least I’ll try 😉 Putting together a spinning playlist isn’t as easy as it seems. Lots of consideration needs to be given to song choice, intensity, timing and the guides.

This month’s spinning playlist is all about that cadence. There aren’t really any hills, and the “road” is pretty flat. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a good workout.

1. Gold – warmup
2. Good Day – quick spin, turn the gears up to a low 3
3. Childs Play – seated climb
4. Seven Nation Army – standing climb, start the resistance at 6 and after 60 seconds click it up to 7, then after another 60 seconds click it up to 8, and then repeat after another 60 seconds to 9. The climb will get progressively as you peddle through 6 to 9
5. Life Goes On – flat road (recovery)
6. Back Around – quick spin, your cadence needs to match the BPM
7. Dance – jumps
8. Me, Myself and I – race, halfway add a low resistance so it feels as if you’re moving up a small hill
9. Hurt – flat road in arrow position
10. TSP – flat road with the resistance at 4 or 5, this should be quite tough especially to match the BPM
11. I Can Only – cooldown

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