New month = new Spin Mix. And we’re hitting the big 3-0!

Well howdie October! Can you believe how fast this year has flown by? I certainly can’t! But seeing as it’s a new month, here’s a new spinning playlist for you. Today we’re going to be rolling with them hills with pretty standard climbs and then some downhills. Make sure that you’ve got enough tension on your flywheel (whether you’re going uphill or downhill) to give yourself a good workout and not bounce around on the saddle.

This is a pretty simple spinning workout, but you can push yourself as hard or as lightly as you like. You’re the only one who knows your levels of intensity, so always listen to your body.

1. Cranes in the Sky – warmup
2. Too Good for You – quick spin to loosen up those legs some more
3. Diggy – standing climb, let’s start up those hills with a slow steep climb
4. Hold on You – seated climb, continue the climb in the seat
5. Trust Nobody – quick spin, we’re heading downhill quickly, so adjust the resistance as needed
6. Me Too – standing climb, we’re heading back uphill
7. Bad Decision – seated climb
8. Ain’t My Fault – standing climb, we’re still heading up
9. No Holding Back – downhill sprint
10. Say It – cool down

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