It’s the first Spin Mix of the month! September, are you ready to be spun?

I’ve decided to upload my Spin Mixes to again. Yes, I know, I’m fickle. But I really did love this music streaming service and I still can’t quite kick it out of my life. I might not be able to use it as freely as I did in the past, but I don’t want to punish my North American and Canadian spinners just because 8tracks are having international usage rights issues with the record labels.

So, I’ve created an Apple Music playlist, which I use when I cycle to the Spin Mix, as well as an playlist for those who prefer (and can) use the widget below.

1. Purple Lamborghini – warmup
2. This Is What You Came Here For – quick spin, get those legs moving to the BPM! If you can, throw in some jumps during the chorus.
3. Friend Zone – standing climb
4. Controlla – flat road in arrow position with light resistance
5. We Don’t Talk Anymore – free spin
6. I Got The Keys – standing climb
7. All In My Head – flat road in arrow position with light resistance, every 60” click the resistance up 1 level
8. Jumpman – seated climb
9. A Milli – standing climb to pedal out that lactic acid build-up
10. Sucker For Pain – cool down


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