Are you ready for Spin Mix #28! Then keep on reading, and make sure you’re signed up to Apple Music 😉

If you’ve read my previous Spin Mix posts, you’ll already know that I was gutted when changed their Terms of Service in South Africa (where I live). I’ve since tried creating new Spin Mixes on YouTube, but I’ve never been quite satisfied with this alternative.

This week I tried using Apple Music, and I love it!! I know it might be a schlep for those who don’t have Apple Music, so if you want me to keep creating spinning and indoor cycling playlists on YouTube, drop me a comment on this post and I’ll add those as well.

Enough of the “notices”, let’s get into the new spinning mix, Spin Mix #28!

Below is a preview of the playlist, click on this link to access the full playlist.

1. Don’t Tell ‘Em – warmup
2. Into You – quick spin
3. She Came to Give it To You – standing climb
4. Adventure of a Lifetime – flat road
5. Send My Love – seated climb
6. Sledgehammer – jumps
7. Cruel – quick spin
8. Body Language – flat road
9. Superlove – cool down & stretch

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