Have I been gone long enough for you to miss me and my spinning playlists? 😉 Just kidding. Well I’m back this month with a new spin mix!

If you’ve taken some time away from your bike (like me, I’ve been focusing on my running more), then this new spinning mix will help ease you back into it. Although, nothing will really prepare you for that reintroduction to the seat (ouch!).

Even if you’ve been spinning consistently over the last few weeks, this indoor cycling playlist is still something you should try. Let me know if it’s too easy and I need to start digging out the tougher rides.

1. One Dance – warm up
2. Ain’t Yo Momma – quick spin
3. Promise – weighed spin
4. Company – seated climb
5. Panda – standing climb
6. Can’t Stop The Feeling – free spin
7. No – seated climb
8. Team – weighted spin
9. Cheap Thrills – jumps for first 2 minutes, seated climb for next minute, jumps to the end
10. Never Be Like You – cooldown

If you’re looking for more spinning playlists or indoor cycling music and a spin mix, then subscribe to my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJsv29SiPm34m_nvKaqg7Fw

You can also leave me a comment as to what kind of mixes you’re looking for. I try to include all kinds of genres into my mixes, but there’s an obvious bias towards RnB and hip hop (in case you couldn’t tell).

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