And we’re back with a new spinning mix – Spin Mix #26! I’m still using YouTube playlists to collate the songs, and so far so good.

A few weeks ago Nicki Minaj performed live in Cape Town. So this Spin Mix is a tribute to her. It’s a few of my favourite Nicki tracks, but be warned, they are explicit 😉 This spinning playlist is all about the hills too. So get your tension ready and let’s start climbing!

1. Right By My Side – warm up
2. Truffle Butter – quick spin
3. Superbass – standing climb
4. Bed Rock – seated climb
5. Stupid Hoe – weighted spin
6. Pound The Alarm – standing climb
7. Only – seated climb (6 mins is a long time to climb; I suggest starting with moderate intensity and then clicking the resistance up every 2 mins. If that’s a lot, try moving into a standing climb from the 4-minute mark for about 1 minute and the sitting down again)
8. Feeling Myself – standing climb
9. Anaconda – seated climb
10. Save Me – cool down

If for some reason your mobile device won’t display the embedded playlist of the spinning mix above (like my Samsung does), feel free to go directly to YouTube. There are only 2 spinning playlists available at the moment, but I’m starting fresh again, and won’t be importing my previous mixes from 8tracks.

And if you haven’t already, subscribe to my YouTube channel so you can get notifications when the latest spinning playlist becomes available. I’ll still be posting them to the blog with the ride guide, but they’ll be available on YouTube first.

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