We’ve got a new Spin Mix this week, whoop whoop! So get ready to do some work in the saddle with a standing climb thrown in for good measure.

1. Classic Man – warm up
2. Yoga – seated climb (click the resistance up to a 5)
3. B* Better Have My Money – race (it’s not too fast so click the resistance down to 4)
4. You’re Mine (Eternal) – standing climb (click the resistance up to 7)
5. Time of Our Lives – race (click the resistance down to 3 and keep up with the BPM)
6. Where Are You Now – seated climb (click the resistance up to a 5 again)
7. I Love Ya Papi – time trial/flat road (simulate a flat road with the resistance at 4)
8. Earned It – cool down (because you earned it)


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