So this morning we’re kicking the spinning workout off with some local, South African hip hop, and then banging dance hits and pop, before we start climbing to flawless RnB. Turn down for what?! But don’t forget to cool down, it’s a private show 😉

1. AEOM – warm up (both in and out of the seat, move through the positions to warm up all your major muscle groups)
2. AN – race (set the resistance to 3 and match the beat of the music)
3. R – flat road (simulate a flat road with the resistance at 4)
4. C – race (click the resistance back down to 3 and hit that beat)
5. F – standing climb (the start of a very big hill; click the resistance up to a 6 or 7, enough to make sure you’re not bouncing around)
6. BB – seated climb (leave the resistance where it is and have a seat, it’s going to be tough; halfway, click the resistance down one level)
7. B – standing climb (you’re nearly to the top of the hill, DON’T GIVE UP; get up out the saddle and click the resistance up to 7)
8. TDFW – downhill (you made it! But just because we’re going downhill doesn’t mean the work is done; click the resistance down to 3 and spin out all that lactic buildup, you can go faster than the BPM)
9. PS – cool down (and stretch)

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