Now wasn’t that great! I can’t even begin to explain how real the struggle is to get out of bed on these cold winter mornings. Thank goodness for quick 30-minute spinning playlists  And speaking of playlists, I’ve put together a new one for your spinning pleasure.

I don’t know about you but I’m tired of all the EDM. Sure, they’ve got that driving beat, but who’s to say other genres don’t have it either…


1. PTB – warm up (try warming up out of the seat as well, get a different group of muscles working)
2. TQ – seated climb (start with the resistance at 4, then every minute click the resistance up one level)
3. FMH – standing climb (get out of the saddle with the resistance at 7; halfway crank the resistance all the way up, it’s got to be tough!)
4. TB – race (a quick spin to the BPM, maintain an even cadence and move into the Arrow position)
5. HM – flat road/standing climb (start seated with the resistance at 4; halfway stand up and put on enough resistance to maintain the pace)
6. OOMY – interval sprints (sprint on the chorus, but remember, the song starts on a chorus 😉 )
7. BIM – seated climb/standing climb (started seated with the resistance at 5; halfway through stand up and click the resistance up to 7)
8. LO – time trial (maintain an even cadence with enough resistance to move into Arrow position)
9. FM – cool down and stretch

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