Ok, I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I choose spinning playlists based on their cover pic. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. But while I was first hooked by this evening’s playlist’s image, it was the “soulcycle” tag that also caught my eye.

Now I’ve heard about SoulCycle a few times, but I never really knew what it was all about. So I checked out their website, and it all seems pretty hippy, airy fairy, one love brother. But you be the judge…

“SoulCycle was founded on the belief that fitness could be inspiring. With a motivational workout, a beautiful environment and outstanding customer service, each 45-minute class can be a transformative experience. SoulCycle co-founders Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice met in New York City and were determined to find an alternative to the fitness routines that felt like work. Combining inspirational coaching with high-energy music, the pair designed a workout that benefits the mind and body.”

In terms of track listing, this playlist was pretty chilled. It didn’t have those big pumping numbers that gets the adrenaline flowing, but you can work up quite a sweat nonetheless. There was no guide to the playlist, so here goes mine…


1. Quick warmup – but if the BMP is too fast, slow it down a little. Always check in with your body at the beginning of every spin. Straight back, feet moving in circles, not like pistons. Slight bend in the elbow. Chest up, wind pipe unrestricted.


2. Standing warmup. Click your resistance up to about a #5. You shouldn’t feel too much resistance, just enough to keep you from bouncing around. A quarter of the way through, sit down and move into Arrow position, take the resistance down a click. Reaching the half-way mark, stand up and push the resistance up 2 clicks. At the ¾ mark, sit down back into Arrow and turn the resistance down 1 click.


3. Stay in Arrow but switch your resistance onto a level you can comfortably hold for 4-5 minutes. Half way through, turn the resistance up 1 click.


4. Pedal to the beat, it’s a quick one. Add in 2x 30 seconds sprints.


5. Get up out the saddle and crank it uphill.


6. Sit down, DON’T TURN THE RESISTANCE DOWN, you’re pedalling into the wind. Hitting the 2/3 mark, stand up and maintain the pace to spin out that lactic acid that may have built up.


7. Take the resistance down a few clicks and fold over into Arrow. Your should feel the burn halfway through, but it’s time for jumps through to the end.


8. I skipped this track.


9. Hit the BPM of this track. It’s quick so try not to tense up. Unclench your toes, unclench your fingers.


10. Cool down


11. Stretch!

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