Vibe along to the Soul Tunes from the brand new SoulCycle GATO studio.

There’s nothing worse than wanting just a sliver of the SoulCycle experience, but being continents away their nearest studio. I’d even settle for vibing to their awesome Spotify playlists at home or in my local gym. But sadly, Spotify is not supported in South Africa.

I have decided to take matters into my own hands. Yes, I have decided to recreate their playlists on my 8tracks and YouTube account. Because, why not!

SoulCycle GATO

So, here’s the first playlist I’m recreating, a selection of the Los Gatos instructors’ favourite Soul Tunes.

1. Wild Thoughts – warm up, after 60” get up and warm up while standing, after 30” have a seat and warm up in arrow position, and after another 30” reset to the original position 2
2. Know No Better – the first 15” are tricky so just free spin until the beat kicks in, then it’s a quick spin (match the BPM but make sure you have enough tension on your fly wheel so that you aren’t bouncing in the saddle), just after 2 minutes at the chorus back off the speed and head into a free spin, in the last “30 pick up the pace for a quick spin again
3. Crying in the Club – seated climb starting with the resistance at a 5, after 60” click it up to a 6, and after another 60” click it up to a 7
4. We Could Be Divine – move into arrow position with the resistance back down at a 5, during the last 45” switch to jumps of 8 counts
5. You Don’t Know Me – quick spin, after 90” just coast to catch your breath, and after 30” we’re hitting a steep hill so crank that resistance all the way up for a standing climb
6. 3AM – stay standing but slack off the resistance so you can match the BPM of the music (it’s a big hill, we’re going to be here for a while)
7. Bedroom – seated recovery
8. 2U – seated climb with the resistance at a 6, after 60” move into a standing climb with the resistance up to an 8, after another 60” take a seat for a seated climb and click the resistance back down to a 6
9. Feels – active arrow spin, this is not a recovery
10. Unforgettable – cool down


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