Nothing quite tones up that tush like Pop Pilates and a six week body toning bootcamp.

Now that I’m no longer training for any more races for the rest of this year, I once again have time to focus on my Pilates and toning! I know, I know, when training for road races, I should also be doing strength training. Because without that, it’s a recipe for disaster (i.e. injury).

Over the last six months, I’ve lost quite a bit of muscle strength and tone, but it’s time to fix that. Especially with it being beach and bikini season! You might say I’ve woken up a little late to the fact that I’ll be lying on a beach in about four to six weeks’ time, but hey, it’s never too late to tone.

And four to six weeks is all that I need with the “Blogilates 6-week Body Toning Bootcamp” series!

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I’m a big fan of Cassey Ho. She’s how I started loving Pilates. Plus she has hundreds of videos on her YouTube channel, and being able to work out at home according to my own schedule made training with her soooo much easier. I’m so glad I found this particular YouTube playlist, though, because it allows me to really focus on one key body area per day – for the next few weeks.

The Challenge

Mondays I work on my booty, Tuesdays is for abs, Wednesdays we get a little crazy with total body, Thursdays focuses on legs, Fridays we work dem guns (arms people, I mean arms) and Saturdays we stretch it all out. Sundays are rest days, because recovery is important.

Each of the first five videos are interval training. They’re based on Cassey’s own PIIT style workouts, where there are seven exercises and each one is done for 45 seconds with 15 seconds rest in between. Each video is meant to be done four times for a 28-minute workout.

But because my muscles have pretty much putrefied, I need to start off slowly. So for the first week, I’ll do each of the daily videos once per day. Then in week 2, I’ll do the videos twice, week 3 I’ll work through the videos three times, and week 4 I’ll complete the full 28-minute workout. Week 5 and 6 I’ll continue with the 28-minute workouts, just to maintain the muscle tone into the New Year.

What do you think of that plan? Pretty great timing huh? Give the videos a watch and let me know if you think I’m crazy. And then give the videos a try! People always assume Pilates is so easy because the movements are small and slow. But I challenge you. It might not be that easy…

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