This is exactly what we need to do in today’s spin, push our limits. I’m not a particular fan of the music but the BPM is exactly what some of us need. If you can match the BPM double time on every track then go for it, if not, see my spinning guide below.

1. SWAF warmup
2. OTH pick up the pace and try to match the beat; you can shift between 3 and 4 in terms of resistance
3. A click the resistance up to a 5 for a seated climb; with jumps on the chorus
4. PP stay in the saddle but leave the resistance where it is for a seated climb; halfway stand up and turn it into a standing climb
5. OB let’s do some work in the saddle; have a seat, turn the resistance down to about a 3 or 4 and match the beat
6. HYLM freespin; any resistance, any speed, but try to keep it a bit quick
7. TNK crank the resistance waaaay up for a standing climb; you’ve gotta feel the burn; use the power in your legs and don’t throw your body around on the bike
8. SP46CM don’t change a thing, keep going
9. B take off all the resistance and try to match the BPM
10. skip
11. SNALW cooldown

And then finally, don’t forget to STREEETCH!

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