This morning I went searching for a “ready-made” playlist which had suggested guidelines. And because it’s Friday, I found a short but explosive 30-minute mix. Here’s Kenny Kenny’s suggested use:

1. Warm up 2. 2x accelerations 3. 3x climbs (standing to seated) 4. Accelerations/jumps/sprint and climb 5. Accelerations and climb 6. Climbs 7. Cool down 8. Optional cool down & stretches

If you’ve been having a bad week, I highly recommend today’s yoga practice. It’ll leave you feeling centered and grounded, and basically not feeling so kak anymore. If you’ve been trying to keep up a frenetic pace, it may take you a little while to settle into this meditative practice, but don’t fight it. Your body and mind will thank you for it.

I tried to make up for Tuesday evening’s sleep deficit, but I didn’t get to bed as early as I wanted to last night. I am feeling much better though. The description on this listing says the first 2 songs are a warm up and the last 4 are for the cool down. But seeing as there are 18 tracks we won’t get that far.

A slow warm up. Work your way through the song, there’s no need to keep pace with the beat. Pick up the pace, still not quite hitting the BPM. Because you’re not hitting…

It’s no secret that I’m not Adriene’s biggest fan, but I found myself really needing her introductory touchy-feely speech today. After a long day, yoga really is the best stress reliever and I found myself needing a little pep talk to let go of everything that was on my mind. I also really enjoyed the full body flow she put together and will definitely feel it in my arms and obliques tomorrow.

I had a late night and practically had to drag myself out of bed this morning. I found myself watching the clock throughout, a definite sign that you’re not having a good spin. BUT even though I was tired, I still have a promising spinning mix for you this morning. 1. Warm up – don’t try to hit the beat on this one if you’re cold. 2. Stay seated, turn the resistance up to 4 or 5. 3. Drop the resistance down to 4 (if you aren’t there already) and drop down onto your bars into an arrow…

Moving onto Da6 of the challenge, there wasn’t much yoga happening. Sure Adriene says she considers today’s practice, but speed it up a little and give it a soundtrack and I might as well be doing Pilates. Anyhoo… here’s the 15 minute practice: