So it turns out that the One Cycle trilogy of spinning mixes isn’t a trilogy after all. And I found a fourth one – which is a collection of their favourites, and turned out to be my favourite too. Let’s so get stuck into it and kick Monday’s ass!

1. CG warmup
2. FITS hope you’re warmed up and let’s push it to spinning in double time
3. LG seated climb. Take the time to check in with your body, after a chase we tend to tense up and clench everything. So make a point of loosening your fingers and wrists, your toes, sit up straight again
4. R get up out the seat, crank up the resistance and match the beat
5. SD sit down, turn the resistance down to a 5, feel the burn
6. WWRU click the resistance up as you get up out of the saddle for a standing chase. Make sure you’ve got enough tension on your bike so you’re not bouncing around, and place all your weight in your legs not your arms
7. BAM have a seat and turn the resistance down to a 3, spin it out
8. TC stay seated with the resistance at 5 and move down into an Arrow position to spin it out
9. ICU cool down

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