This morning we’ll be finishing the last of the trilogy of One Cycle Spin mixes. The listing says there are only 8 tracks, so we’re going to hit this one hard and fast. Get your heart rate pumping into the weekend with a 30-minute spinning session. It’s Friday the 13th baby and we’re heading for one big, steady climb!

1. TMH warmup
2. WUS quick legs to match the BPM, it’s a challenge right up front – try chasing that beat. Half way, crank up the resistance and get up out the saddle and slow it down. 3/4s through, sit down again and click the resistance down to where it was in the beginning.
3. DFY seated climb. Half way through, click up the resistance and begin your standing climb – adjust the resistance as needed
4. A remain standing
5. HAP keep the resistance where it’s at and get back into the saddle for a seated climb
6. OYE standing climb
7. BG click the resistance all the way down, it’s time to spin downhill and match the BPM
8. This playlist skipped to the next without the last track, so whatever you find yourself listening to,  use it as your cool down

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