Time for One Cycle Spin Mix 2! But unfortunately this track list isn’t particularly exciting for me. Just a few too many house mixing/remixing of Radio Top 40s.

Here’s my guide to the 2nd mix in the trilogy.

1. GF warmup
2. WIRTJ seated climb
3. MSOM stay seated, turn the resistance down a little to match the pace of the BPM. But don’t turn it down too much, it shouldn’t be easy
4. PANS pick up the pace, turn the resistance down to a chase. If chasing the beat becomes too much, try to at least hit the BPM on the choruses only
5. WHTVB get up out the saddle
6. NIP grab a drink of water, wipe off the sweat. When the verse hits, stay standing with the same resistance
7. BPB free spin = any resistance, any speed
8. ETYTS stay in the saddle but click up the resistance, you’re heading into the wind
9. BEG get up out the saddle and match your pace to the BPM
10. There was no track 10 on this mix so whatever you’re listening to, use it as a cooldown

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