This morning I found a trio of One Cycle spinning mixes, which look promising. After reading a previous mix spinning guideline I’ve decided to follow Molly’s lead and add the song title abbreviations with the track numbers, in case some are on shuffle, or if you’ve got a crappy Internet connection like mine and the tracks skip.

Anyhoo, this is playlist 1 of 3.

1. RYL Warm up. It’s pretty quick, but only go as fast as you feel comfortable going, it’s a warm up, not a sprint.
2. COTL Seated climb
3. YDM Stay seated and maintain the pace of the BPM
4. T Turn the resistance down to keep up with the pace and move into Arrow. Keep up with the changing BPM though.
5. HNE This is a standing climb
6. CHU Skip
7. I Remain standing, crank up the resistance
8. GLB Get back into the saddle but this time you get to choose your preferred resistance
9. OTR Rinse and REPEAT. See if you can keep up with the altered beat, you’re in for a surprise!
10. TII Stay seated and slow down to the BPM but if you need it increase the resistance.
11. HILI A slow and steady standing climb
12. SL Cool down

And of course, don’t forget to stretch

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