Ring in the New Year with a new yoga style. Or simply find a style that best suits you.

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you celebrated 2018 for the amazing year it is going to be and that you’ve all recovered from the festivities 😉 And because it’s a New Year, it’s time to try new things. This post is not so much about resolutions as it is about stepping out of your comfort zone in a meaningful way.

Over the last few years I gravitated towards vinyasa-style yoga practices because I always thought I enjoyed the more flowy, cardio-ish movements it offers. But I’ve recently grown more interested in other types of yoga, and have ventured outside my comfort zone into hot yoga studios.

While trying to cultivate this new habit, I’m pretty sure the Universe took notice and sent the Law of Attraction my way. Because, almost out of the blue, I received an email from Brett Larkin about her new “Meet Your Soulmate Style of Yoga” programme.

For those of you who don’t know Brett, she’s a brilliant YouTube yogi (and new mama) who’s committed to making yoga accessible to all. She’s got tons of free videos on her YouTube channel, and also runs her Uplifted Yoga community (not free though).

Her free 5-day challenge was quite insightful and really opened my mind to the possibilities of the many more styles of yoga (there aren’t only 5). So if you’re curious to start stepping out of your yoga comfort zone, give the challenge a try.

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