Over the last few days I’ve been finding my way around the “Spinning” playlists on 8Tracks.com. Now while I love what this streaming site allows you to do (finding the right music for your mood), searching for playlists based on activity can be a bit of a mixed bag.

So far the playlists I’ve been spinning to haven’t been dominated with too much EDM. And this playlist by stefsterg was the first I’d found over the last 2 weeks that had instructions on the positions for each track. Enjoy!!

1. Warm-up
2. 6 min climb with slides and a peak
3. 2 sprints
4. 2 sprints
5. Endurance Climb 30 Second Intervals with a peak try to keep same pace
6. 2 Hills
7. Climb with Slides and 2 upper-body freezes
8. Heavy endurance, high resistance 30 sec intervals with 2 speeds.
9. Final song, 3 min, 20 sec sprint, 30 sec sprint, 20 sec sprint
10. Cool down

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