Ok, ok, the Nike Training Club app isn’t new. But it’s new for me. Because up until about 7 weeks ago, I was still using the ooooold app.

Over the last year or so, I kept wondering why new workouts weren’t being added and updated to the app (duh!), and it was a big reason why I actually stopped using the training guide.

Enter the NEW NTC app!

Most of my workouts are spinning or yoga based, but I do run quite often as well. After a very recent IT Band strain, I was desperate to get back into some serious strength training. I’ve been using the app consistently for about 6 weeks now and it’s absolutely amazeballs! Just like to the old app, but sooo much better.

In the previous app, you had to always stop the workout you were in the middle of to view the demo video of the exercise. With this new app, the demo videos plays constantly while you’re performing a specific rep. So, you can easily compare your form any time during the workout.

Not only am I feeling stronger, but my legs and abs are looking much more toned too! And that’s because I was able to customize my workouts. In the Workouts section, under My Plan, the app can create a series of workouts over the course of a few weeks. You can optimise your plan by the number of workouts per week, and whether you want to include running (which is recorded in the Nike+ Run Club app). You can also decide on the level of difficulty. If you haven’t been consistently training, I’d suggest starting slowly – I’ve underestimated these workouts too many times to count!

If you don’t want to follow a plan, you can choose any of the available workouts to complete any time you like. You can browse by muscle group (abs & core, arms & shoulders, glutes & legs), workout type (endurance, mobility, strength, yoga) or workout collections (where you can train like a Nike ambassador e.g. Ronaldo or Michael B. Jordan). There are also athlete workouts, which is another collection of workouts with celebrities and Nike-sponsored athletes.

Pressed for time? No probs! The NTC app also has short workouts ranging from 5 – 22 minutes.

I haven’t really explored the Community section of the app, but if you’re located in Johannesburg (or any city on their pre-defined list), you can attend live training sessions.

I’m having some serious fun with the “new” training app, and if you’re looking to get fit, lightly tone or build muscle, give it a try. The combination of HIIT and strength workouts have me loving even mountain climbers and burpees!

You can download the app for iOS (i.e. Apple) and Android (i.e. Google Play).

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