Is your favourite spinning instructor a good instructor? Today, I’m exploring the various aspects that make up a good spinning coach.


Spinning has become synonymous with cool, dark rooms and high energy music. That’s because it’s a high-energy workout. A good instructor will know which jams will help get you over that hill or what BPM you’ll need to warm up safely.

They’ll also know that you can’t repeat the same playlist too many times. Who wants to listen to the same music all the time?! I definitely don’t. A good spinning instructor will make sure that there’s a new playlist for almost every class. They may even theme their playlists with a good selection of genres. Hip Hop Mondays, EDM Tuesdays, 80s Wednesdays and Rock Thursdays will make sure there’s something for everyone. And if your spinning coach mixes up holiday themed playlists, I’m definitely keen on a spin class on Valentine’s Day and Halloween.


A good instructor makes sure to add a personal touch. Something as simple as asking if anyone’s new to the class or introducing yourself to new riders before the spin class starts shows they genuinely care. Also, calling out your name while you’re pushing through a tough climb is definitely motivating.

Someone who is motivational is a no-brainer. They shouldn’t be preachy though. It’s just you, with no team behind you, to get you through the ride, but it’s much easier when you’ve got a high-energy coach with you along for the ride. And a spinning instructor who enjoys themselves, well, that’s just contagious.


Spinning instructors need to know how to coach riders of all levels in a single class. They also set the pace by working hard themselves, but they’re also not afraid to unclip from their bikes to help someone with their form.

Adding variety to their rides is also a sign of a good spinning instructor. They’re not afraid to coach an endurance or cadence class, or mix it up with intervals or hills class. If your coach explains what to expect at the beginning of a class, that’s a bonus.

Most importantly, a good spinning instructor puts your safety first. If a coach starts telling you to do pushups, bicep curls or shoulder presses on the bike, stop, unclip and leave immediately. There is no place for those ridiculous things in a spinning class. Weights are for the Weight Room.

Now that you know what makes a good spinning instructor, you might want to become one yourself, hey?


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